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One family. One app.


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Organize your family with shared calendars, to-dos, reminders, chores, shopping lists, and more... In just one app.

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Keep schedules in sync with a shared calendar

Bring together everyone’s calendar. Keep track of events, appointments, and activities across the entire family. Never miss anything again!

Get things done with shared to-dos and reminders

Assign tasks, send nudges, and create multiple reminders for important to-dos so nothing slips through the cracks.

Make chores fun
for the whole family

Keep your household running smoothly with shared chores. Motivate your kids with points that they can redeem for real-life rewards.

Shopping lists for everyone, by everyone

Involve the whole family in your shopping lists. Approve or reject snacks added by your kids. Never forget items or buy the same thing twice.

Stay in sync from anywhere

Whether your kids don't have a phone or you're on a different device, Kiwi is available for Web, iOS and Android, so your family is always connected. 

Your privacy is our top priority

Premium features for advanced users (coming soon!) keep the app free for everyone else. We will never sell your data or show ads to you or your family.

Get started for free!

Or get started on your web browser

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Chores made fun!

You set the chores. Your kids propose the rewards. Mango does the rest.

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