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|  The chores app for you and your kids


Chores made fun!

You set the chores. Your kids propose the rewards. Mango does the rest.

Teach your kids about responsibility while easing your workload.


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Motivate your kids with real-life rewards

Have your kids propose rewards or set them yourself. Allocate points to each reward and watch them rise to the challenge!
Redeemable rewards
Points and badges

Let Mango gamify things for you

Mango turns chores into a fun game with badges and levels that keep your kids motivated.
Teach your kids about responsibility and the value of contributing in a fun and interactive way.

Stay in control by approving finished tasks

Award points for completed chores after verifying that they were done properly.
Approve completed chores
Nudge overdue chores

Stay on top of missed chores

Send nudges and create reminders for important chores so nothing slips through the cracks.

Stay in sync from anywhere

Whether your kids don't have a phone or you're on a different device, Mango is available for Web, iOS and Android, so your family is always connected. 

Your privacy is our top priority

Premium features for advanced users (coming soon!) keep the app free for everyone else. We will never sell your data or show ads to you or your kids.

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